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Product Description 5-V Panels

5-V Panels are aesthetically-pleasing panels, with an classic residential appearance. These panels are great for someone going for a more traditional look to their project. This Exposed Fastening System is easy to install. Once installed to a solid roof deck with a waterproof membrane it makes a great roof. These metal panels are typically used as aesthetic roofs for condos, rustic styled residential homes, gazebos, and poolside shade areas like a pool bars or pool house. This gives the structure a regal and timeless look to it. You can find these types of panels commonly in use by island and coastal communities where their strength and durability make this aesthetically focused panel an item of choice. 5-V Panels can easily be installed to structures and even plywood surfaces. This metal panel’s installation is as easy as simply screwing it to the structure. These panels are water shedding panels and therefore must be installed on a minimum 3:12 roof slope. It is possible for these panels to be end-lapped during installation.

(ASC always recommends the advice of an engineer for all projects.)

Contact Us to order or for more information on custom C Purlins and girt structural steel dimensions.

  • Coverage Width – 24”
  • Rib Spacing – 12” on center
  • RIb Height – ½”
  • Minimum Slope – 3:12
  • Panel Attachment  – Exposed Fastening System
  • Gauge – 29 (standard); 26 (optional)
  • Finishes – Smooth (standard)
  • Coatings – Galvalume Plus, Signature 200
  • Available in Custom Lengths

We offer the 5-V Panels in 3 color profiles.

Polar White
Fern Green
Marine Green


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