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Our Batenlok Insulated Panels are perfect for roofing systems by helping create a thermally efficient building envelope. These Panels may also help meet building energy codes. They can be attached to structures with concealed clips to ensure maximum R-values. Insulation in any Building is a big deal, Insulated Metal Panels have many advantages, improved thermal performance, reduced building and operational expense, accelerated construction schedules, and excellent insulating capabilities being the most common. Designers, contractors, and building owners use these advantages for architectural, commercial, and industrial applications. Batenlok Insulated Panels, like most insulated panels, are great at separating and creating a controlled temperature environment.  They are perfect for agricultural projects in areas that require a more consistent temperature for either the plants or animals. They are commonly used in mobile/remote offices due to the ease of assembly and builders can quickly create an insulated structure.

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  • Coverage Width – 42” (standard); 30”, 36” (optional)
  • Thicknesses – 2”, 2 ½”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”
  • Lengths – Recommended maximum is 50’ Panel
  • Attachment – Concealed Fastening System Panel
  • Exterior Gauge – 24, 22
  • Interior Gauge – 26, 24, 22
  • Exterior Finishes – Stucco-embossed
  • Interior Finishes – Stucco-embossed
  • Exterior Coatings – Signature 200, Signature 300
  • Interior Coatings – Igloo White (standard)

We offer a wide variety of panel profiles and colors for our Batenlok Insulated Panels
Light Stone, Ash Gray, Igloo White, Winter White, Polar White, Regal Gray, Almond, Sandstone, Brownstone


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