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LS-36 Insulated Roof & Wall Panel

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LS-36 Insulated Panels are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Its versatility offers a multitude of design options that can be used as wall or roof panels. It utilizes an overlapping, through-fastened joint making installation easy and fast with reduced construction labor costs. Their insulation allows for a good R value. The thicker the insulation the greater the R-Value. The temperature control aspect is their major benefit. These panels allow for separation between the outside environment and the created enclosure, separating both temperature and noise. Our clients have used insulated panels in cold storage facilities, meat and produce storage facilities, and even agriculture. 

Coverage Width: 36”

Thicknesses: 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”

Lengths:  Length 8′-0″ to 50′-0″.

Available in 26, 24, or 22 Ga.

Joint: Overlapping with a single tongue-and-groove

Finishes: Fluropon, Fluropon Premier, Fluropon Classic, Flurothane, Flurothane Coastal, WeatherXL, Igloo White Polyester.

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