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Z Purlins (Zee Purlins, Z Girts) allow for high tensile strength and for flexible design options. The Z Purlins is shaped like a letter Z, which allows it to overlap with others at the joints, this gives them the potential to be much stronger than other shapes. They are great to use in walls or for roofing projects. Z Purlins can also be used to support the external cladding of a building and can provide stability to the frame of many building structures. Z-purlins can be used in a single or double span arrangement. They are ideal for Heavy Bay End sleeved and butted systems. Some are even used as support for Gutters. The most common use for these purlins are in Pre-Fabricated Metal Buildings where Z Purlins and C Purlins are used in combination. In those types of buildings Zee Purlins are in the Endwall framing connecting the building frame to the panels on the outside.  Another use is Frames/Supports for Solar panels. Some solar support frames use Z Purlins to as a receptacle where panels can be easily slid onto the Z grove making it easy and inexpensive to make a Solar Array.

(ASC always recommends the advice of an engineer for all projects.)

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  • Offered in 16, 14 & 12 gauge
  • Available in custom lengths
  • Red Oxide Coated
  • Galvanized available
  • Other profile sizes available

Common Punching Patterns offered for Z Purlins
Pattern A : Common Web (for Simple Span, Short Lap, Long Lap, 3′ Offset and Max Lap)
Pattern B : Common Web (all laps available in pattern A plus 5′ Offset and Super Lap)
Pattern D : Common Flange (for Simple Span, Short Lap, Long Lap, 3′ Offset and Max Lap)
Pattern E : Common Flange (All laps available in Pattern D plus 5′ Offset and Super Lap)
Pattern G : Common End (one set of holes 1 3/4″ from end of purlin)
Special Punching is also available!


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