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Product Description – C Purlins

C Purlins (Cee Purlins, C Girts) are perfect for supporting the load from the roof deck or the sheathing. Like Z Purlins, C Purlins are Great for use in walls and roofing projects and can speed up the time projects take. They are shaped like a squared “C”, this flat squared surface has made it a preferred material for cladding due to its easy installation on steel structures and even concrete. They are also commonly used with large signs (like the signs on the Highway). The signs much like a panel can be bolted unto 2 C Purlins and then attached to another surface like a bridge or a more commonly a beam and column combination. In residential applications purlins have been used in place of structural beams due to their strength and versatility. In residential they are sometimes used as replacements to a ‘C Stud’. C Studs and Cee Purlins are used in the framing application of Drywall and other forms of partitions. Purlins come in a thicker gauge than a traditional C Stud and some dry wall installers prefer it especially when wall strength, thicker insulation, and addition of sound Barrierrs are a concern. Another and growing use for C-Purlins are in Solar Mount systems. Solar companies use them in the creation of Solar Power Plants, by attaching them together in a triangle like shape they can then mount Solar Panels to the structure. The process is fairly simple and requires few screws and few workers. The most common use for Cee Purlins are in Pre-Fabricated Metal Buildings. In those buildings the C Purlins are used to connect metal panels to the frame of the building, often near the ends of the roof and in partitions for he interior.

(ASC always recommends the advice of an engineer for all projects.)

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  • Offered in 16, 14 & 12 gauge
  • Available in custom lengths
  • Red Oxide Coated
  • Galvanized available
  • Other profile sizes available

Common Punching Patterns offered for C Purlins

Pattern A : Common Web (for Simple Span, Short Lap, Long Lap, 3′ Offset and Max Lap)
Pattern B : Common Web (all laps available in pattern A plus 5′ Offset and Super Lap)
Pattern D : Common Flange (for Simple Span, Short Lap, Long Lap, 3′ Offset and Max Lap)
Pattern E : Common Flange (All laps available in Pattern D plus 5′ Offset and Super Lap)
Pattern G : Common End (one set of holes 1 3/4″ from end of purlin)
Special Punching is also available!


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