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Mezzanine Systems

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American Structural Corporate Installs professional quality Mezzanine Systems so call us today and lets discuss your needs. Our Team has years of experience installing different types of Mezzanine Systems that serve different applications. We can install turn key solutions and custom builds. The majority of mezzanine builds are all custom. We work with engineers and the architect to build you the safest structure at a great price. If necessary we can also provide sign and seal engineering documentation for the custom engineered mezzanine system.

Our process is simple and fairly quick. We can come on site and give you an estimate or work from existing plans (Arch/Structural). Then transition to the planning and engineering phase. We believe in a BIM first approach and use that approach to quickly, effectively, and Safely accomplish the project. After the planning phase is completed we approvals received we move to the fabrication and installation phase where little by little we begin building the structure to the agreed specifications in the planning phase. If there are any late stage alterations we quickly address them while completing the tasks. Upon completion you will have a structure that has passed inspection and ready for use. It’s not uncommon for our clients to immediately use the structure after completion.

Mezzanine systems are great and have a wide range of use. Some of the systems function as an extra storage area, while others act as impromptu offices. Most often they are used to create extra storage spaces where there is a good amount of space from the floor to the roof. This increases the utilization of the space allowing for a greater amount of items to be stored per square foot. That can save money. Mezzanine platforms have an added bonus of making a facility less cluttered and congested. More efficient workflows can be developed and implemented which in turn boost productivity.

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