Prefabricated Metal
Building Systems

The benefits that our prefabricated metal building systems offer make them hard to resist. If you are in need of a building, whether it is a garage or a mini storage unit, commercial retail building or a barn, American Structural Corp’s steel buildings offer the best solution for your business facility. We collaborate with our clients through the entire construction design and selection process to ensure the delivery of a finished structure. Fill out the form or Call us at 786.536.9160 for more information.

  • Save 50% to 60% over traditional construction
  • Speedy construction
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Longer overall durability

Your Structural Project
is in Capable Hands

Custom Designed Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Our Custom designed Steel and Metal Building structures give you the ability to control its shape, size and cost creating endless opportunities for your dream design. We work with you through every step of the process to design a perfect solution for your facility. Do you want a modern, custom- built structure? Or maybe pre-designed steel building? You can customize the whole project to your ideal design; it’s our job to make it work. We go above and beyond to deliver a finished product you can be proud of. We bring high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective building options to help make your dream a reality.

We understand that a successful building project begins with a detailed plan. Our engineers are ready to design a building of any size, suitable for any need imaginable. Our steel structures are virtually maintenance-free and built to withstand the worst climate change disasters. Rest assured, you’ll finish up with your dream structure that is built on time and within budget. Simple as that!

American Structural Corp has for years delivered custom designed Metal Building Solutions. We use our advanced engineering skills, superior materials, and our winning work ethic to accomplish projects on time and on budget. We can help you build Commercial & Industrial Buildings, Storage Buildings, and even Agricultural Buildings. Our Metal Building solutions can be assembled quickly without heavy need for specialized masonry, carpentry, or welding. These are proven and reliable prefabricated buildings. Call us now about your project.

Commercial Metal Buildings are perfect for Offices and Warehouses. They have many advantages and can accommodate a factory setting, a warehouse, or they can be used as a Storage facility. Adaptability is one of the advantages of using a Metal Building. You have the power to easily change the layout to fit your businesses needs. You can create partitions, add new sections as you grow, or re-organize for better efficiency.

Using the advantage of Commercial Metal Buildings as a separate storage unit can help keep main office buildings organized and neat. Excess supply materials and even archives are typical uses of these buildings. Moving Machinery is another great advantage of Commercial Metal Buildings. Operating moving machinery like a forklift will require a good bit of space, Metal Buildings are great optimal places for both their common use and storage.

Farmers in particular have a unique need for Metal Agricultural Buildings. They are commonly used as Barns, Horse stables, riding arenas, and large scale storage buildings. Steel Barns are a standard fixture in the Farming Industry, farmers use their Steel Barns for everything from animal shelters to equipment storage. It’s crucial for a farmer to have a building that can accommodate many functions.

The Durability of Metal Buildings have also contributed to it’s popularity. Metal buildings having amazing durability and are not prone to the devastation caused by termites. They are also surprisingly durable even in seismic events like an earthquake.

A huge advantage all American Structural Corporate buildings have is a thoughtful design. We work with you on your needs. Call us today and speak with our team about your project. We will be able to help you take your idea from concept to finished product quickly.