As a Structural Steel Fabricator in Miami, American Structural Corporate knows the importance of quality Steel Fabrication. Miami is prone to harsh weather conditions like Hurricanes so having strong quality fabricated steel systems can be key to a structure’s survival. Luckily the overall design of structures made by Steel Fabricators do well against wind and earthquake stress as as the structures and systems made by Steel Fabricators were design to handle variable stress conditions.

What Does a Steel
Fabricator Do?

Metal / Steel Fabricators produce metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling metal. This results in an increase of value for our customers as there is little need to hire any other contractors. Typically Steel Fabrication involves the using of raw materials to construct machines and structures. They usually start with shop drawings, then to the fabrication phase, and finally to the installation of the structure or machine.

American Structural Corporate does a wide range of Steel Fabricator projects from steel beams needed for the construction of complex commercial buildings to simple fences. American Structural Corp can handle all of our customers Steel Fabrication needs. We can assemble and fabricate entire steel building frames, or fabricate much more complicated steel structures like an elaborate steel facade or a Curtain Wall. Each Fabricated system can be easily customized and built to exact specifications. One of our specialties are installing and fabricating Louvers, which are almost a necessity in Hurricane areas like Florida.

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