Structural Steel

Explore Our Expertise in Fabricating and Installing Structural Steel Systems
Discover the excellence of American Structural Corporate in crafting and installing a diverse range of Structural Steel Systems. Our experienced team thrives on handling projects with intricate designs, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. Embracing a BIM 1st approach, we guarantee quick, safe, and efficient project completion. Trust our familiarity and expertise for projects that demand precision and skill.

American Structural Corporate provides premiere quality steel fabrication and steel

American Structural Corporate provides premiere quality steel fabrication and steel erection.

  • Dedicated teamwork.
  • A reputation for quality service.
  • Above standard grade materials.
  • Cost effective, on time delivery.
  • Excellent craftsmanship & efficiency.

American Structural Corporate prides itself on being a premier supplier of top-quality commercial steel buildings and the fabrication of Structural Steel systems. The careful selection of materials and construction methodology is paramount for the success of any fast-track construction project.

Our skilled and experienced professionals invest the necessary time to comprehend your entire project, working collaboratively to design the optimal solution for your facility. Depending on the project’s scope, we are open to undertaking repairs on metal buildings and other Structural Steel systems, addressing damage caused by accidents or regular use. Our dedication to excellence has earned us the distinction of being South Florida’s preferred Specialty Contractor for commercial steel buildings, fabricated structural steel, and metal systems. Join the ranks of hundreds of satisfied customers who have chosen us for their construction needs.

Your Structural Project is in Capable Hands.

Fabricated Structural
Steel Systems


These Fabricated steel items are embedded into the concrete and the fixtures creating a connection between the Steel structure and the concrete structure.

Columns & Beams

Both Columns and Beams work together in the superstructure of a building. Beams transfer load to the columns and act like the skeleton of a building. Beams & Columns can be fabricated to the design specifications

Steel Joist and Deck

Typically found in commercial buildings like grocery stores and in smaller structures like Walgreens and CVS. Joist & Deck are used to optimize building design and safety it improves load management and allows for an increase in the distance from supporting structures while being able to bear the load of structures on the roof (like an HVAC).

Stairs & Railings

Our Steel Stairs and Railings can be used for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Using different metals from steel to aluminum, we fabricate and install stair and rail systems/assemblies. Balcony railings, metal platforms, gratings, catwalks, and handicap rails

Steel Frame AC systems

Steel Frame AC systems is one of our most requested Steel Fabrication services. They offer a good range of flexibility allowing for a great number of benefits, cost effective, robust, quick install time, weather, and versatility

Curtain Wall Systems (Glass Wall Systems)

Curtain Wall or Glass wall systems are some of the most popular Metal Fabrication systems in south Florida. Curtain Wall systems cover the outer walls of many commercial buildings giving them the appearance that they are made of glass. This unique Steel Fabrication systems has many benefits like being made of a lightweight materials, reduced construction costs, and it offers a lot of natural light. Many Curtain Walls are designed to resist air and water infiltration along with reduce the impact of wind and seismic forces acting on the building.

Louver Screen Wall Systems

Louver systems act as dampeners letting in a reduced amount of air, sunlight, and even sound. Louvers are used to dampen direct sunlight, wind effects, sound, and they are also used to add aesthetic elements to a building.

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