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Curtain Wall Systems

Curtain Wall systems or Glass Wall systems are some of the most popular window systems in south Florida. Curtain Wall systems cover the outer walls of many commercial buildings giving them the appearance that they are made of glass. The glass for the system is placed on a Structural Steel Frame to support the facade and then finally sealed. We fabricate and install the necessary steel for these systems. This unique Steel Fabrication system has many benefits like being made of lightweight materials, reduced construction costs, and also and it offers a lot of natural light. Many Curtain Wall systems are designed to resist air and water infiltration along with reduce the impact of wind and seismic forces acting on the building. They naturally withstand seismic and wind induced building sway due to the glazing infill and the mullion. Curtain Walls also hold it’s own load weight force and can span multiple floors. It’s many benefits combined with it’s aesthetic appeal make Curtain Wall systems an ideal choice for many building projects.

American Structural Corporate commonly installs Stick and Ladder Curtain Wall systems. Ladder Systems have mullions that are usually split and altered (clipped/screwed) together. This Allows Sections of the Ladder Curtain Wall system to be fabricated reducing the time spent installing. The joint lines can flow down the length of each mullion, leaving a traced look. Stick Curtain Wall Systems are the most common Curtain Wall system as the sticks are installed between floors vertically and between vertical members horizontally. Like Ladder systems, Stick Curtain Wall systems have sections that can be fabricated in a shop to reduce installation time.

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