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Louver Screen Wall Systems

Louver Screen Wall Systems is a service American Structural Corporate (ASC) provides. Louver systems act as dampeners letting in a reduced amount of air, sunlight, and even sound. Louvers are used to dampen direct sunlight, wind effects, sound, and they are also used to add asthetic elements to a building. A Louver is a set of angled slats or flat strip fixed or hung at intervals in a screen, shutter, or door. The design of Steel Louver Screen Walls, like the ones we provide our clients, are perfect for defense against hurricanes. Our Louver systems are great against wind MPH of 200 MPH and creating over 100 PSF (104.28 PSF). They dampen the force the wind exerts on an area giving protection to what ever structure or item is inside of the system. Air runs through the Louver creating resistance, this resistance lowers the air pressure passing though the structure. Every louver will create resistance based on the frame and blade shapes. Lower blade angles or more aerodynamic shapes create less resistance. The resistance created can be detrimental to the application of fans and other air movement equipment, so a balance should be made to ensure the air pressure within the system is consistent and within a particular range.

ASC’s Steel Louver Screen Wall Systems are typically used to dampen wind effects during Hurricanes and Tropical storms. This ensures expensive cooling systems like HVACs are not ripped completely off a building. The resulting damage from a cooling system being ripped off of a roof structure can be extensive. Not only will the actual unit be expensive to replace but all the connecting fixtures may be damaged and need to be replaced. Some after being ripped off, can cause further damage to the actual roof structure, or become debris that can harm other buildings and automobiles. Roof aggregate, gutters HVACs, and even wall coverings blown from an damage automobiles, and other buildings in the vicinity of the building. Debris with sufficient energy to cause damage can travel well over 300 feet in windy events.

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