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Steel Joist and Deck

Steel Joist

Open Web Steel Joists installation is another of American Structural Corporate’s services. A joist is one of the horizontal supporting members that run between foundations, walls, or beams to support a ceiling or floor. Open Web Steel Joists are an improvement over the standard Joist. Standard Joists are usually either steel or wood beams. These Joists, while less effective than Open Web Steel Joists, are very common and are effective. There are formulas for calculating size and depth needed for any project, most revolve around a simple understanding that the depth of a Joist will need to increase relative to the distance from the supporting structures. Open Web steel Joists improves on this by improving load management and distributing the load of the deck to the structural frame system.

Used to optimize building design and safety, open web steel joists are engineered to exceed standard steel joist design for overall strength, reliability and ductility. This alternative design approach gives building owners and specifiers the option of consistently higher steel joist performance at an attractive cost to consumers. The Ductility of an Open Web Steel Joist provides an enhanced time frame for emergency management in the case of an overload situation. While the Increased strength and reliability ensure an Open Web Steel Joist doesn’t immediately buckle under the pressure of overload like a standard Joist.

Composite Steel Decks

Decks are usually what goes over Steel Joists in the construction of buildings. Decks are surfaces that are designed to hold and support weight similar to what a floor does, except they are usually above ground and usually connected to a building or construct. Composite Steel Decks are usually supported by Steel Joists. This combination leads to greater distances between supporting elements and have reduced live load deflection in comparison to other construction methods. Composite Steel Decks are also useful by reducing the need for materials to cover a particular area. The combination the strength of Steel and Concrete lead to greater efficiency making this reduction possible in a Composite Steel Deck.

Joist and Deck are complimentary products. Steel Joists usually support Deck structures like Steel Decks. This allows for a multi-level support and for the Deck Area to be used for different purposes. In many urban areas the Deck area has been re-purposed from an area solely for AC systems to creative living areas and areas for solar installations. The Joist and Deck combination provide and excellent solution for having outdoor space in a limited Area or square footage.

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